After re-reading the poem, I started to give each room that Mew describes a meaning. To start with, the poem first names “the room in Paris”, due to the fact that Paris is considered the city of love, I associated this room with past loves and all the people who the voice truly cared about, whether it was a former lover or a family member or a friend. Even though this room symbolizes love, it also shelters all the moments that the voice might have felt betrayed by someone or heartbroken, which are both consequences of loving someone. The poem later continues with, “the room ar Geneva”. At first, it was hard to understand the true meaning of this room, but in my opinion, this room symbolizes youth. This is because when you think of Geneva you think of spring (well at least that is what it reminds me). Spring is the season of rebirth and youth, due to flowers blossoming, contributing to the idea that Mew used this location to refer to the older days and when she was younger and with fewer worries and with more freedom. The poem later continues with, “damp room with the seaweed smell”. This line reminds me of the ocean. I believe that this room has to be with chaos, due to the fact that the ocean symbolizes chaos and being los. So, probably Mew was trying to convey the message that she was once lost and didn’t know who she was, causing her to feel stressed and as if everything was crumbling down, causing her to have chaos in her life. Finally, the poem ends with “the room where we (two) lie dead”. The preovious room’s appeared to be set in her mind, they were related to her past memories and feelings, whereas this room has to do with a room that is no longer in her mind. This room is talking about a casket, her final room. This room is the last place where she will be.
So, after re-reading this poem, I was able to understand it much better, because know I feel more connected to it. I believe that “Rooms” is a poem that everyone can relate to because of the fact that Mew is describing life and what we experince through it.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Rooms mean so many different things for all of us!!

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