It’s the End

Well, the school year is coming to an end, but most importantly Literature is coming to an end.
Along this year, I’ve learned many things. I was able to look at poems and story with more depth and more analysis, mainly due to the e-portfolio because I had to relate them with different aspects, like my personal reflection or connect them with a picture or a quote.
My favorite topic was War Poetry because I could relate this topic to information I had previously learnt in History, allowing me to understand the poems with greater depth. This leads me to my favorite activity, which was the one were we had to analyze different poems related to war. This was my favorite activity because I was able to see different points of view of different poets about the topic, giving me an idea of how twisted society was, since the Government twisted the information to make the war seem heroic, when it inly destroyed lives.
Even though the e-portfolio helped to analyze literature in a different manner, it was the activity which I’ve disliked the most. This is because there were moments where I didn’t have any inspiration to do a post, which caused me to stress about it, rather than have fun. Also, I felt as if my ideas weren’t very original or very unique.
Finally, I believe that I can learn better by having a variety of activities. If I have to do the same activities for every topic, it caused the subject to become repetitive which leads to a downfall in my productivity and my motivation to work. But, at the same time, having very long activities that require a lot of imagination and creativity do become tedious rather than fun.
To conclude with this post, Literature was very interesting and fun. 🙂

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Thanks for your reflection Mary!
    But you did not have to do the same activity for every topic! Maybe that is why you did not enjoy it, because you repeated yourself!!
    What a pity!!

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