Home is so Sad

What is a home? If you look up the definition, you would get as answer: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. This definition is telling you that a home is physical place where you live, but why can’t it be something more?
Larkin, in his poem, describes the home as the actual physical place. He talks about how the house feels empty and without any purpose due to the fact it was abandoned by its former members. Larkin is trying to convey this feeling that a home is something more than just a place to have as a shelter. Larkin uses personification on the house, to show that the house comes to life thanks to the love and human energy. This provides enough ‘warmth’, for the house to glow and become joyful. But, when the members leave, the house starts to die. It no longer has the energy that once powered it. This idea reminds me of the Pixar movies, “Toy Story” and “Monsters Inc”, this due to the fact that human energy allows both the monsters and the toys to become to life and be able to live. But, when they lack this human contact, they start to die. We see this in “Monsters inc” withe the shortage of human energy, which how the monster’s require people the screams of children to be able to live. This also happens in “Toy Story”, the human contact allows them to become to life and love their child, but if they are forgotten and they aren’t played with any longer, they feel as if their purpose isn’t being fulgilled causing them to die and no longer come to life.
So, in conclusion, a home is no longer just a physical place. A home is place that needs human contact and without it, it withers and no longer has his purpose fulfilled.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Totally so Mary!!
    Home does nothing to do with a physical place! It is in our hearts!

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