Ode on Melancholy

After watching the series “Gotham” one night, I came across this line that Alfred (Bruce’s butler and guardian) tells Bruce. When I heard, I automatically thought of the poem “Ode on Melancholy”. The main theme or message the poet John Keats is trying to convey is that someone can’t truly experience happiness and a complete life without going through tough times. This is similar to what Alfred told Bruce. Alfred is trying to teach Bruce how he can’t live a life without pain, even if it sounds appealing because that’s not what life is. By feeling pain, you are able to appreciate all the good things in your life and cherish them, rather than take them for granted, which would happen if you live your life without any type of pain. So, both Keats and Alfred are trying to show how your life will only be complete if you are able to accept both the good parts and bad parts of life.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    BATMAN! My favourite character!!
    So gothic!!

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