Lady in the Looking Glass: A Reflection

Story time:
The other day, my mom was in a meeting with someone. Me, being the brightest person, thought that her meeting was in the living room. So, I decided to go grab some food from the pantry. While I was in quest to obtain some food, I saw that the person, who my mom was having a meeting with, was in kitchen, leaving me trapped in the pantry. Instead of going back to my room, I stayed in that area until this person left. I became bored very quickly, since I didn’t have my phone. Since I was in a room with food, there weren’t many things that I could do. So, I decided to look at the plain white wall that was in front of my eyes (I know very thrilling). I stared at the wall for quite a while and started to rock back and forth. While I was doing this I noticed something very peculiar and interesting. Whenever I was furthest to the wall, I saw a perfectly white wall that was completely smooth. But, once I was close to the wall, that image changed. The wall no longer was ‘perfect’. It had imperfections. You may be wondering why I am relating this situation to Woolf’s story. The reason is because of when you first meet Isabella, the narrator describes her as a mysterious woman who gets letters from lovers and is perfect. But, when we, as a reader, get to see the reality of her life, the initial image changes. There is no longer this mysterious and perfect woman, but someone who is lonely and someone who can no longer be classified as perfect because you start to see all of her imperfections, just like the white wall.

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  1. Patricia Chujman dijo:

    WOW!! Awesome story and reflection!!

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