Dulce Et Decorum Est

Propaganda. Propaganda was and still is a big factor for the government to transmit a message. This was highly used during the war. The government would put this messages so young men would want to fight for their country and enlist.

This are a few of the posters made to make people proud to go to the war. This posters wanted to depict that the men going to war were strong and invincible. This made men have an image of the war that wasn’t true, not even to the slightest. They were manipulated, brainwashed, by the press, by the government.
What Owen is trying to show in his poem, is the truth. He wanted to demonstrate how the posters you saw or the things that the government said were false. The soldiers that went to the war ended up in a horrible state, if they hadn’t already died. The war left the soldiers with trauma and in terrible physical conditions that would never be reversed. But this wasn’t shown through the propaganda. Propaganda didn’t show how the soldiers would never be the same. How they would be forgotten. How they had to experience friends dying. How they had to live in terrible conditions. The reality was never shown in the media.
This was the truth…

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  1. Pat dijo:

    And what a truth!!

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