The Destructors

“Destruction is a form of creation”
This is a peculiar line, it is very ironic. This is because when you think about destruction, the last word that comes to your mind is created because it’s the complete opposite. But, why do we do this? When you destroy something, you are technically creating something new. You changed the original piece and made into something completely different. Take as an example the Phoenix. This mythical creature destroys itself, by burning its body, but through its destruction, a new creature is born. The ashes left, created a new bird that it is more beautiful and stronger. So, why do we still believe that the words ‘destruction’ and ‘creation’ cannot be associated with each other when in reality they go hand in hand. This can be seen with the artist, Cornelia Parker. She exploded a shack that had many things inside, and with its remains, she created a piece of art. She turned something that has a bad connotation to it and made it into art.

I know that I already talked about this topic, “destruction is a form of creation”, but I was scrolling through social media and came across this picture and I could not, not talk about it. So, as you can see the first thing that you see when you look at this image is a gun. But, as you start to look at it for a longer time, you start to realize that this isn’t an ordinary gun. It is a weapon made out of art supplies. This is quite peculiar, because why would someone ever create a gun out of art supplies? I mean they are like polar opposites! But, it makes sense. Gun is a symbol of destruction, it never ends with a positive image. And art, well it’s the opposite. You can express so many things with art, whether it is through a painting, a photograph or a poem, art is a way to transmit a feeling or an emotion. Where I am going with this is that by combining a gun with art supplies you get powerful messages. One of them being that destruction is a form of creation because even if you pull the trigger of this gun, a bullet is not going to be shoot, but, a work of art is instead. So, to conclude this, this image can be used as a metaphor. Instead of doing something hurtful or that causes destruction, change that ‘gun’ into art, create something instead of destroying it.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Great analysis of an oxymoronic image!!

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