Virginia Woolf

-write down important facts about her life

-her influence on women writers

-the technique she introduced in Literature


1)-Born in a privilege english household, raised by free-thinking parents
-Raped by her half brothers
-Suffered from deep depression
-her depression got worse when her sister and mother died, and especially when har father died
-Committed suicide

2)While Woolf was alive, she was very criticised since she was a female writer. The fact that Woolf focused on women’s rights and double standards in her time while writing, since she was a feminist, influenced many women to write. Writing, as a profession, was poorly seen when being a woman, but Virginia Woolf opened a door for future women in this profession.

3)Compelling and unusual narrative perspectives, dream-states and free association prose. She walked a fine line between chaos and order when writing her novels. She implements the usage of metaphors, comparisons and imagery in her writing.

I did this work with Margui Muller

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