”Rooms” by Charlotte Mews

Symbolism of room: a prison, in this poem the voice may be a prisoner of her own mind. It can also symbolize loneliness and separated from society.

Activity 1
A)Charlotte’s life can be considered as a tragedy because three of her brothers died and two siblings were put in a mental hospital. Causing her to not marry anyone, due to the fact she was scared she would transmit and mental illness. Also, after her father’s death, she and her sister were in a bad economic situation.
B) The rooms are described as abandoned and deserted. Also, they are described as memories the voice had.
C) The paragraph talks about how the rooms represent two different aspects, love and death. Death can be seen when the voice says, “the room where we (two) lie dead”. But, love is conveyed when it says, “the room in Paris”, because Paris is known as the city of love.
D) The fact the poem starts with the phrase “I remember”, causes the voice to become sad towards her past. The tone becomes nostalgic and melancholic.
E) In my opinion, the theme is past memories and regretful and the tone is nostalgic and depressing.

After reading and analyzing the poem, “Rooms” by Charlotte Mews we had to compare it with another poem, “Home is so sad” by Philip Larkin.

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