Nazi Germany

Nazi Control
This Glogster deals with the topic of the control during Hitler’s reign. The different types of control during this period were the Gestapo, The police, and courts, the SS, and the concentration camps. This presentation also contains a video of one of the most known concentration camp, Auschwitz, 70 years after the Nazi’s. I made this presentation with Fefi Marty, Benja Mayol, and Otto Kreutzer.

Opposition in Nazi Germany
This presentation shows three diary entries, each one is a different topic. The first one talks about Nazi successes. This diary entry shows a German being in favor on what Hitler was doing. The second one deals with economic fears, how a person who is against this new government is afraid of losing his job. Lastly, the third diary entry is about propaganda and how a German is delighted with all of the positives articles talking about Hitler’s achievements. I made this Glogster with Juana Perez Muniz and Lola Argento.

Martin’s Presentation
When all of the presentations were shown, Jero’s father came and expanded more of the information we already knew about the Nazis. He tackled different topics, these were: the difference between the words holocaust and shoah and when are this words appropriate to use when we are referring to what the Nazis did, his experience when he went to the concentration and to the extermination camps and what he felt, what was the final solution and other things as well. I enjoyed Martin’s presentation because it was clear and since he visited the camps, he was able to explain what the Nazis did to those innocent people and how he felt walking around the places where thousands of people were killed with no mercy.

Museo del Holocausto
The first thing we did when we arrived at the “Museo del Holocausto” was to watch a testimony of a survivor who moved to Argentina. The man explained his experience in Auschwitz, how he felt to be the only one alive of his family to go to the camp, what was the final solution and how he arrived at Argentina. After watching the testimony, our guide showed us the museum. She explained the different pictures and objects that were laid out throughout the museum. The guide also told us how some people were ashamed of claiming that those objects they brought were theirs.
During the visit, I took pictures of what I thought was shocking and interesting. Here is a collage I made with some of the pictures I took.


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