Manchurian Crisis

1.How does the video open? What might the connection between the League and the opening scenes in Poland be?
2.What problems did Japan face? (Mention ALL of them)
3.What was the role of the army in Japan?
4.What did army leaders believe Japan needed?
5.What was the value of Manchuria?
6.What happened at Mudken?
7.What did the League do about it?
8.What was Japan’s reaction to the decision of the League?

1. It shows scenes of a war happening in Poland. The connection between the League and Poland was Germany attacking Poland.
2. The problems Japan faced were: popularion booming, they were an isolated country, they had no natural resources which meant the realied on imports, agricultur was failing because they had rocky soil which wasn’t good for agrucultur.
3. The army of Japan was more powerful than the politicians, it had control in the educational system and
4. They belived that territorial gain would help the empire.
5. had a lot of natural resorces that Japan needed for their products, this would help the economy be more stable.
6. The Japan army exploded a mountain and that led to tremondous accident.
7. China asked the League to help them with the invasion that Japan was making. The League consulted the Japanesse embasador and told him to stop invading China.
8. Japan didn’t care about what the League told her and kept Manchuria.

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