End of chapter 19 questions

1. Variation can be defined as difference between individuals of the same species. Sometimes, the difference are clear-cut, and each individual fits into a small number of definded categories. This is called discontinous. This kind of variation is caused by the organisms’ genes. In other cases, the difference have no definite categories. This is called continous variation.
Cell division by mitosis does not produce variation, unless there is a change in the DNA, called mutation. Most mutations are harmuful, because they make an organism less well adaptable to its environment.
2. A)Genetic Variation: dependes on the genes that are transmited to you from your parentes during mitosis.
Environmental Variation: dependes on your sorroundings, because you have to adapte depending of how the environment changes.
B)Continous Variation: dose not have defined categories.
Discontinous Variation: has defined categories.
4. A)I have a free ear lobe.
B)i- The chart shows that the majority of kids have free ear lobes. It also shows that this caused by the genes and it is a discontinous variation.
ii- The ratio for kids who have free ear lobes is of 3 and the ones who have an attached ear lobe is 1.
iii- The allels for people to have free ear lobes is dominant and for people who have an attache ear lobe is rececive.

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